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Ten Misconceptions about Traveling To Belize

Misconceptions About Travel to Belize I moved to Ambergris Caye, Belize just about 15 years ago.  And still, when I visit the states, I will get quizzical looks when I answer common questions like: “how’d you get so tan” or just “where, again, do you live”? Answer:  I live in Belize.  Followed by:  Yes, full-time. Keep reading »

The Best Beaches on Ambergris Caye From Someone Who Lives There

sandy toes san pedro

Finding the Best Beaches On Ambergris Caye: 2022 Update   Let’s talk about the beaches of Belize and more specifically, the best beaches on Ambergris Caye – the most visited destination in the country.  Belize is becoming more and more popular even as I type this – for our aqua blue waters, for the hemisphere’sKeep reading »

October 1st: The Opening of Conch Season & The Best Ways to Eat It

TODAY!  Conch season is here in Belize.  October 1st until April 30th or sooner if the Queen Conch quota set by the department of fisheries is filled.  The giant sea creature (he’s technically a snail but…let’s not ruminate too long on that) is a favorite across Belize. Shells on display on the main road inKeep reading »

My Eight Craziest Adventure Tours In Belize

Belize is full of adventure.  Such a small country but you can be at the Second Largest Reef in the world on one day and then spelunking deep within a limestone cave the next. There are so many different tours and trips that you can take on your trip to Belize – some more popularKeep reading »

A Guide: Eight Tips for Traveling By Bus in Belize

Travel Cheap in Belize - BUS! See the country with the locals. Here are some critical tips

How To Successfully Travel Belize by Bus – The BUDGET Way to Travel But There are Some Compromises… Belize is a very small country with a very small population (about 350,000 people) and only a handful of highways.  The width of Belize maxes out at 68 miles wide – the length at only 170 miles!Keep reading »

The 2020 Color of the Year: Belize Blue!

2020 Color of the Year: Belize BLUE! Come see your new favorite color in person...

Belize Blue Is a WAY Better Color for 2020: In early December 2019, Pantone, the experts in all things “color”, announced the 2020 Color of the Year.  As advertised the color is “calming” and a “return to basics” but it is also decidedly MEH.  Boring. Classic Blue. I’m not offended by this color…but I wouldKeep reading »

Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve: One of the Most Magical Spots in Belize

Hidden Valley Inn is a Special Spot in a Special Country Belize is an amazing country – just about 70 miles from east to west, 170 north to south- so tiny but containing so many natural gifts & wonders.  The 2nd largest coral reef in the world, the greatest density of manatees in the Caribbean, the highestKeep reading »

My 9 Favorite Spots to Watch the Sunset On Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye is really the caye of sunrises.  The reef is to the east and almost all hotels and resorts are oriented that way.  But let’s be honest…you are on vacation!  Waking up between 5:15 and 6:15am is great for some (smaller children and older men) but most of us like to sleep in.  I’m hereKeep reading »

You Know You Live on Ambergris Caye, Belize When…

18 Reasons When You KNOW You Live on Ambergris Caye, Belize

Moving to Belize over nine years ago was an amazing thing.  I’ve had the chance to immerse myself in a new culture, new music, new languages (Spanish, Kriol, Maya, Garifuna – depending on which part of the country you are in) and piles and piles of delicious Belizean food.  (Here’s a post ALL about the food.) To learnKeep reading »

How To Find a Job in Belize

I TOTALLY understand.  Totally.  You visit Belize – the cayes or the mainland – and you love it.  Your first thought…I’d like to come back.  A few days later, after having some drinks with a few Americans or Canadians or Brits living here full-time, you think…I would love to do that.  Everyone speaks English…it’s beautiful andKeep reading »

The Ultimate Belize Bucket List: Tiny Country, HUGE Experiences

Your Ultimate Belize Bucket List. Tiny Country, HUGE Experiences.

You may have seen the button on my home page for a while and it’s finally working!  The Belize Bucket List:  Tiny Country, HUGE Experiences. I started with 50…and it expanded to 100 and now…it’s just up up and away.  With many more to add. Click here to see what I want to do andKeep reading »

Snorkeling Belize’s Blue Hole: This Trip is SO MUCH MORE

It’s One of the MOST Famous Trips When You Visit:  Belize Blue Hole Tours Starting to tackle perhaps the most FAMOUS ways sights in all of Belize – the Great Blue Hole. I don’t know how many times it has happened…too many to count. Visitor finds out I write a blog about Belize.  Visitor asksKeep reading »

A Special Mystic River Resort Tour: Sapodilla Falls and Blancaneaux Cave

After a day at the ATM Cave and then a gorgeous braised goat in red wine meal, I fell into my comfy bed at Mystic River Resort at about 7:30pm. I really really REALLY tried to stay awake but by about 7:39pm, I was out for the night.

While the ATM cave does not leave you winded or have you performing any moves that require great strength, you body is trying to stabilize much of the time and I was sore in areas that are rarely sore. Like my ankles and my hands (from just gripping the sides of the cave), the quiet