Chetumal, Mexico: Is it Worth Visiting?

Visiting Chetumal, Mexico:  Things To Do If you are traveling from Mexico into Belize – on your way from Cancun or Merida, or Tulum, Holbox, or Playa Del Carmen, you are going to pass thru (or over) Chetumal Mexico.  Also true if you are going in the other direction. Chetumal is the largest city onKeep reading »

San Pedro, Belize to Cancun Airport: You’ve Got Options, Almost Too Many

Summary: Trip hours:  29 McDonald’s Calories consumed:  2100 Large Coffees drunk:  8 Hours of Sleep:  6 in 2 parts Approximate US$ saved:  $400US minus (I subtracted the $99US for the Kindle ordered) About a month or so ago, I booked a trip to the states for a visit.  After the Chocolate Festival in Punta Gorda, beforeKeep reading »

Great Food In Merida, Mexico: Here’s Where I Ate…Very Well

Last week I flew to Merida, the capital of the Yucatan state in Mexico, with Tropic Air.  An hour and a half flight from Belize City and I was totally digging the culture, the history, the art, the architecture, the shopping, the buzz…just being in a large city. I ate often in Merida and IKeep reading »

Merida, Mexico: Where to Stay and Where to Shop

Merida, Mexico is known as the “White City”.  Maybe because of the white limestone that some of the buildings are constructed from… Maybe because it is so clean and trash free for a city of about 1 million people?  Not sure. For two days now, I’ve been telling you the reasons I love Merida.  HereKeep reading »

The Maya History of Merida, Mexico – What I Think Makes it REALLY Special

Perhaps a lazy Saturday blog…pictures rather than words…but not really.  Merida, Mexico is a beautiful colonial city FOR SURE.  But what sets it apart from Antigua, Guatemala or Puebla, Mexico or the other beautiful colonial cities of Latin America (and what links it to Belize) is the Maya – both past and present. Merida wasKeep reading »

Merida, Mexico: I Love So Many Things About this City

I LOVE a city.  I moved to Belize from Manhattan, New York – certainly one of the biggest and most exciting cities on earth.    A move that I do not regret in any way. (Though I wouldn’t mind if my corner bagel shop, Murray’s, opened a branch in San Pedro, Belize.)  I knew thatKeep reading »

San Pedro Scoop: My Best of 2013 – Part Three

I’m really dragging this out…but let’s keep it rolling.  Part One took me through the first half of the year, Part Two most of my busy summer, I’m going to soldier on… Hardly hard work, I love looking at all of these pictures. I pick up at the end of August. I took a tripKeep reading »

Isla Mujeres, Mexico Means GOOD Eats: Barlito and Rooster Cafe

I’ll repeat it because it is so true.  For such a small island (barely 5 miles in length), Isla Mujeres has some amazingly delicious eats.  It CERTAINLY helps that almost everything tasty that can be grown is grown in Mexico.  It’s a huge populous country with all sorts of altitudes and abundant sunshine.  As IKeep reading »

Isla Mujeres, Mexico Means GOOD Eats: Gelato and Mango Cafe

For such a small island (less than 5 miles in length and pretty much a stones throw in width), Isla Mujeres, Mexico has some amazing restaurants, street food and ice cream at really reasonable prices.  Your selection is big.  With over 1 million tourists coming onto the island each year, a place is going toKeep reading »

Arriving in Cancun and the Official Attire for Spring Break 2013

I was under the impression that proper Spring Break…MTV style, Jersey Shore fist pumping, 19 year old spring chugging through funnels spring break wasn’t until March.  Ugh…I was wrong.But let’s back up just a wee bit…I needed to make my way back to San Pedro and, as usual, the cheapest way by far (over $400usd cheaper)Keep reading »