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Oscars Party at the Truck Stop

Date/Time: Sunday, February 26th, 2017, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

I’m super sad I won’t make this one.

But I won’t be around and though a movie lover, it might be that I lost touch with quality films.

Manchester by the Sea – SO critically acclaimed – had a bunch of very talented actors and an interesting premise that they DRAAGGGGGED out but…man was it dull.

I’ll “watch” on the internet for the fashion only.

Even if you aren’t a fan…the party at Truck Stop is ALWAYS FUN.

You know how much we love movies at The Truck Stop, so this year we’re having an Oscars Party! We’ll be showing the awards ceremony on the big screen, plus we’ll be having a couple contests of our own!

BALLOT CONTEST: Before the start of the ceremony, everyone will fill out a ballot with their picks for who will win in each category (there will be a lot of guessing, don’t sweat it). Whomever gets the most answers correct will win a $200 gift certificate to The Truck Stop!

COSTUME CONTEST: What would the Oscars be without the outfits? That’s why this year we’re having a INTERPRETATIVE BLACK TIE costume contest. That means: wear the island version of red carpet attire, which is completely open to your creative interpretation. Looking for an excuse to wear that sequin gown in your closet? Wear it! Have a t-shirt with a picture of a tuxedo on it? That works! Feel like wearing something ultra-revealing and tripping over your dress all night? Now you’re in the Oscars spirit! The winner of the Best Costume contest will win a $150 bar tab!

See you on Sunday night! 🎩🍸🏆