Caye Caulker

Happy Destiny Cabanas: The Perfect Home Base for Exploring North Caye Caulker

Where I Stayed On Beautiful North Caye Caulker and Why It’s A Great Spot to Explore this Bigger-Than-You Thought Island Pretty much everyone who visits Caye Caulker falls in love.  With the easy laid back vibe.  The pastel-colored wooden homes and electric blue sea.   Bicycling around on the sandy streets, swerving only to avoid aKeep reading »

BEAUTIFUL North Caye Caulker: Exploring for the First Time

The small island of Caye Caulker, located just a few miles from Ambergris Caye, is more like two islands.  There is the south side – or Caye Caulker village – and the north side or north island.  They are separated by The Split. Here’s a flyover shot I took at least 6 years ago –Keep reading »

Charming Caye Caulker – I Have LOTS More to Do

Silly, SILLY me.  I thought I’d be able to get a thorough read on Caye Caulker in just a few days.  I mean…I’ve been there at least 30 times…maybe more. But rarely overnight. In reality this two night, three day stay helped me get a feel for Caye Caulker but I have SOOOO much moreKeep reading »

Caye Caulker, Belize: A Beauty on a Perfect Day

Caye Caulker – only a 25-minute water taxi ride from San Pedro, Belize – operates at a very different pace.  This island motto – is taken quite seriously… You’ll see the signs around the village and rastas suggest it to me often as I walk a bit too fast. Caye Caulker is ABSOLUTELY beautiful –Keep reading »

Going Slow in Caye Caulker, Part Two: Photos, Hotel and Food

Over this past weekend, I spent 24 hours on Caye Caulker.  Just a few miles away, a 30 minute water taxi ride, our little sister island is smaller, less populated and less developed.  The sand streets, the pastel wooden buildings and the sparkling blue sea make it the PERFECT weekend getaway for visitors from justKeep reading »

A Walk Around Gorgeous Caye Caulker, Belize

Caye Caulker is an easy affordable water taxi ride from San Pedro, Belize.  25 minutes and you are walking down the center of a sand road lined with coconut trees…passing pastel wooden buildings, locals grilling lobster and that gorgeous sea view. I don’t make it over there enough.  The last time, in April of thisKeep reading »

Christmas Eve Sailing and Snorkeling with the Lady Leslie

This morning I called my family in Providence, Rhode Island and the phone was passed from person to person. Everyone asked the same question – “What are you doing for Christmas”?    With the kids going present-toy-candy crazy in the background, they always seem a little bit surprised (or maybe a bit wistful?) by my answers.Keep reading »

Caye Caulker and Her New Beach are Looking Beautiful

A walk around charming Caye Caulker Belize PLUS the new beach.

Thursday I cruised over to Caye Caulker with Island Dreams Tours.  And…for some reason, it was my first stop in Caye Caulker for months.  What the HECK have I been up to?  Just 20 mins away, I had been gone for months and lots had changed.  But the charm is there FOR SURE. Easiest justKeep reading »

A Magical Manatee, Caye Caulker & The Changes At the Split

Yesterday was THE DAY to get in the water.  Hot and perfectly still in the morning, Carl of Imagine Tours met us at the gas station dock in town.  It was just four of us…and the day was ours.  We had one REAL goal.  To swim with a manatee. Lunch in Caye Caulker…especially Fried Chicken Friday atKeep reading »

Beautiful Caye Caulker, Belize All the Way to the South End

Caye Caulker is a much bigger island than I’ve ever realized.  The internet is telling me 5 miles long.  There is the village…which is a perfect leisurely walk from end to end in just a few hours and many many stops.  But that is just the village.. There is the whole north side…which is just starting to getKeep reading »

Caye Caulker’s 2015 Lobsterfest Is A Total Island Celebration

Caye Caulker is small enough and their Lobsterfest (THE ORIGINAL BELIZE FESTIVAL) is big enough so that it seems to take over the whole island.    Sun and sand, gorgeous water and swimming kids, loud music, dancing and tons of food and drink – there is something for everyone and it’s a full family affair. SinceKeep reading »