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  • Check That One Off the Bucket LIst: The Panama Canal

    The Panama Canal is a miraculous engineering feat, a modern wonder of the world and something that I’ve always wanted to see.  (See my Central American Bucket List)Not only is it a 48 mile long connection dug in jungle and rock between two oceans but the boats going through start at sea level, rise upKeep reading »

    Casco Viejo, Panama City: Gorgeous Old Town under Heavy Rehabilitation

    Casco Viejo (or Old Town in Spanish) is just that…the old Spanish colonial section of Panama City.  It was completed and settled in the later 1600s after the pirate Captain Morgan attacked and the first settlement Panama Viejo was burned to the ground.  Panama Viejo had been the city center since 1519…now it is mostlyKeep reading »

    Good-Bye Coronado Beach, Hello Panama City

    Yesterday morning we left Coronado and Cesar’s parents to head to Panama City for 3 days and to end my trip to Panama.  We walked down to the beach to take one last swim on the black and tan sand beach.I remain fixated on the pure jet black sand.  For some reason in pictures, itKeep reading »

    Tranquilo in Panama: Playa Venao & Pedasi on the Azuero Peninsula

    We decided to take an overnight trip to the Azuero Peninsula…the area that is sometimes called the heart of Panama.  Beautiful beaches, old colonial towns and indigenous history?  What’s not to like? We found a reasonably priced place to stay on line with both camping and rooms, packed the cars and took the the roads. Keep reading »

    Panama: So Far I’m Really Digging It

    So last I spoke to you, I had arrived at Finca Bachita in Playa Coronado, Panama.  For those of you who asked, the house is named after my friend Cesar’s very cute mom, Beatrice.  Bachita is her nickname and Finca means farm/estate or plantation in Spanish. The town of Coronado is about an hour andKeep reading »

    Mangoes EVERYWHERE: Driving from San Jose, Costa Rica to Panama

    While Central America is relatively compact, the countries really start stretching out in the south…both Costa Rica and Panama are pretty long and skinny.I arrived in San Jose on Saturday evening, we planned to cross the border between Costa Rica and Panama on Monday morning and arrive in Coronado, Panama the same day.  We hadKeep reading »

    Before I Turn 40: My Central American "Bucket List"

    Take a look at a map of Central America – the area seems relatively small. But travelling around quickly, cheaply and easily is almost impossible.  If you want to fly to other Central American countries from Belize, you really only have two options.  You can fly to Flores or Guatemala City, Guatemala (neither very farKeep reading »