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My Five in San Pedro: 3rd Week of Sept, 2020

My world is a much smaller place these days.  Not in the way we’ve been hearing about for the last decade – how technology and social media have made the world so much more accessible…

My world is really our house – and the very small area around us.  I’m still getting to town to run errands once…maybe twice a week.  But it’s a far cry from my daily town runs pre-pandemic.

So here are the small things and the bigger things I’ve been doing and enjoying this week.

Iced coffee

Earlier this week I received a package at Tropic Air and little did I know…it was EXACTLY what I needed.  Iced Coffee.  But more than that…cold-brewed espresso.  No sugar.  One plain (our favorite!) – Spiced Chai – and Mocha Spiced.  All beautifully packaged and ready to go.

Around 1:30pm…when you hit that post-lunch slump…it’s SOOOO hot…get a few ice cubes out of the freezer, some cold milk or water, I like a tiny bit of sugar and this…

It’s REALLY delicious.  Not the old coffee left in your drip pot since morning stuff…more the special treat from a coffee shop kind.

PLUS…it’s made in Belize by two amazing FEMALE young businesswomen.  Dora of Belize Food Tours and her sister-in-law Monica, an amazing photographer.

You can get your own in a bunch of places on the mainland and at A&R in San Pedro.  Check out their Facebook page at Pop & Sip Belize.

Sea Beans

I won’t bore you anymore with these seeds…that drift down the rivers of the world, into the oceans and floating around the world.

But I’ll just let you know that if you like beachcombing or collecting…this seeds from all over the world are fascinating.  How cool is it to pick up something that floated over from Madagascar or the South Pacific?

Right now is the PERFECT time to search for them.

Some older sargasso is receded and leaving the beans EXPOSED!

Plus, if you really want to nerd out – there are Facebook groups like this one where you can see what people are finding around the world.

There is even an International Seabean Symposium!

Mask Obsession

Masks are here to stay.  And, for some reason, this week, I decided to up my inventory.  I’ve been seeing so many cute artisans around Belize advertising their mask wear this week.  Blame Facebook.

First, I saw my friend Doyle in Placencia – he brought me on this CRAZY natural waterslide adventure at the Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve sporting this!

$20bzd!  By artist Omar SIerra in Placencia.  I HAD to order one.  Even just to frame it – so in 5 years, HOPEFULLY we can look back on 2020 and…it all seems so bizarre and far away.

My permit mask!  It’s in the mail.

Along with these SUPER cute hand embroidered mask from Cayo – just $8bzd!  Also in the mail…

You can check out her new Facebook Page Handmade in Belize with Love.

Along with the 8 I got earlier this week made from my old beloved J Crew shirts?  I’m set for the long haul.

Cobra Kai (I’m not kidding!)

Here is the perfect antidote to the 24-hour depressing news cycle.  Especially for those of us who grew up in the 80s.  Netflix’s newer show:  Cobra Kai.

I know what you are thinking…I was too!  I’m not interested in karate or two middle-aged white guys fighting or just “this looks stupid”…

The high school bully of my nightmares Johnny “Sweep the Leg” Lawrence is back…in his mid-50s….and he has a much bigger story to tell.

Dear not!  It’s no cheap rehash of the original movie…it’s smart, fun, corny, funny and tongue-in-cheek ridiculous in the best way.  There’s some great attention to detail here.  Who knew that middle-aged Johnny drank Coors Banquet beer morning, noon, and night?  Who even knew there was a beer called Coors Banquet.

It’s exactly what I need right now.

Plus…can you believe how great Johnny and Daniel -san look in their 50s?

September Celebrations

September is the month of celebration.  Usually, it seems like all business stops between our two national holidays – September 10th, when Belize celebrates the British Baymen and their slaves’ victory over the Spanish in 1798, and September 21st, celebrating Independence from Britain in 1981.

This year…as Belize eases into the re-opening of the economy and the International Airport on October 1st…September celebrations are subdued.  To say the least.  Instead of the hugely popular Miss San Pedro pageant, The Uniform Parade, J’Ouvert, the 21st Jump Up Parade (see last year’s), parties, and live music, fireworks and decorations, we have…well?  Not much.

Independence Eve a few years back

Usually, every other golf cart you see is covered in red white and blue.  This year?   I’ve seen only a handful.

No parades, no parties…all gatherings are still limited to 10 people or under.

Here are a few decorations in town.

And…there is a virtual party tonight for San Pedro.

It’s a bit sad…the biggest parties of the year… canceled.  It’s just the way it is.  And worth it because the numbers of new COVID cases have been going down.  Nothing to get cocky about…but certainly a positive.

Happy Independence Day BELIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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