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Checking out some New Spots on South Ambergris Caye

About a year ago I made a big move on a relatively small island.  I moved from 2 miles south of San Pedro town to 7+ miles north Ambergris Caye.  From a furnished rental condo (rental price about $900USD monthly) to a newly built empty house — from the more suburban south side to “country living”.

I do miss the south side – the convenience of all the shops and restaurants are perfect for a scattered and forgetful shopper like me.  Yesterday I took a drive down south of town to see SOME of what is new in my old neighborhood.

There is a building explosion.  Change change change!  With economies to our north thriving, visitors, dreams – big and small, and money make their way to this country.  It’s inevitable, I guess.  While many who live here or visit frequently long for the Ambergris Caye of our first visit (or of our childhood), change in a place this beautiful and this accessible is inevitable.

I mean…look at my view as soon as I got off the water taxi yesterday!

Enough of my jabbering…I’ll just show you the pictures of my drive down south.

I passed this huge steel skeleton that is going up.  4 towering stories just south of Exotic Caye Resort (and the bar Crazy Canucks).

This pic is from a month or so ago, it doesn’t show the current height.

About 5 minutes ride farther south, the huge property with Banyan Bay Resort and Grand Colony are seeing massive changes.  A model is going up across the street.  And the new website – it’s a bit vague but there is some information.

“Alaia” is basque for “joyful” and Arabic for “sublime”.

I headed down to where the paved road ends – just about 2 miles south of town.  Just south of beautiful Victoria House and across the street from the entrance to Mahogany Bay…

First is Cozy Coconuts (moving north to south) — it’s had a few different names during my time in Belize.  It was first Fido’s South and then Sandbar and then Island Time Bar and now Cozy Coconuts.

I do love the logo.

The beach bowling alley and a massive seawall waiting to be filled in.

And then a walk south…one empty-ish lot…

Next, a very very cute house.

And then another…

One that used to be on the edge of a huge wild lot – a winding path thru palms and bushes and now…

That house is next to a cleared beach club.

A look over the fence…

Golf cart tops used as sun shades…

The low tide has been INCREDIBLY low these last few days.  The water birds have been loving all the goodies that have surfaced….

And on the way out…

I had to get back to town!

But the way this island is growing…I need to do more exploring!


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1 thought on “Checking out some New Spots on South Ambergris Caye

  1. TarheelBornGal

    All the changes are amazing. I am sure I wouldn’t recognize the island since we left in 2013. Well, maybe some of it! I guess it’s mostly positive, but change can be jarring as well….

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