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Costa Maya Pageant Explosion at the Fabulous Finn & Martini on Ambergris Caye

The International Costa Maya Festival, perhaps San Pedro’s busiest weekend, kicked off officially last night.  It’s a weekend that starts with a Thursday night pageant – with ladies from each country in Central America and Mexico and continues with parties, carnival rides, music, comedy and more.

Beautiful Michelle Nunez, last year’s Miss San Pedro, is about to head to Mexico for the Miss America Latina competition.

CM (5)

Thursday night’s pageant is a big deal.  Many of the ladies go on to Miss Universe or World and Finn, of Finn & Martini had an idea.   Why not have an official sashing parade?  And who doesn’t love a parade?


Or the hustle and bustle to get ready for one.


I stopped by Finn’s restaurant last night to take photos of the pageant mayhem…everyone looked gorgeous.  This year is going to be a tough one.  Here some of my pictures (and I am typing fast! we have a scheduled maintenance power outage right now in San Pedro for another hour or two.)

The marching band getting ready…

CM (4)

The carts were ready…

CM3 (2)

And now the ladies.

Our current Miss San Pedro.

CM (6)

And 5 of the 6 candidates for 2016-2017.CM2 (3)

Every parade needs candy.

CM2 (2)CM1 (5)

Miss Nicaragua.

CM1 (6)CM1 (7)CM1 (1)CM (7)
CM (1)CM (3)CM (2)CM1 (3)

And caught in a selfie.

CM1 (2)CM1 (4)

Let the parade begin!

CM2 (1)CM2 (4)CM2 (5)

Hurray!  Those of us who know Finn knew that he would someday have his own parade.  He was the Grand Marshall.

For more information on the International Costa Maya weekend, please check out their Facebook page.   It’s gonna be big and the pageant is always packed.

August 4, 5th and 6th.

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