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The Palapa Bar & Grill and the Original Palapa Bar & Grill? Now Both Are Open

It’s all a bit confusing – even for those who have lived here a while, like me.   1. The palapa bar is  a place – a physical location, a raised, two story palapa structure in the Tres Cocos area about 1 mile north of town and 2. a business – The Palapa Bar & Grill, registered to Scott and Jody, who ran #2 at #1 for years.  And made the building bigger, better, UBER-popular, and just gorgeous.  A landmark on Ambergris Caye.

palapa bar 1
palapa3So #1 Great Building and Location Plus #2 Great Owners and Staff = Palapa Happiness in San Pedro.  But then someone bought the land – the condo building – and the dock/bar was part of the deal.  He cancelled the lease on Scott and Jodie…and gave them until the end of the year,  Dec 31st to vacate.

With no permit for a 4 story structure, he also put up this:


It was later removed.

And he wasn’t all that civil about the whole thing.  When he mistakenly thought a bill wasn’t paid PROMPTYLY, he did this…


And then…as the time came closer for Scott and Jodie to vacate –  these signs went up.  I’m quite sure they were inspired by a kindergarten playground.  Nanny nanny boo boo.  See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.gods 2 godsAnd so the end date came – and Scott and Jodie packed up EVERYTHING…and moved to a new location that they had spent months scouting.

The huge and very popular bar/restaurant at the end of the Wet Willy’s Dock – at the north end of town.

wet willy

A spot with a KILLER view – day or night.


They hosted a full house for the San Pedro Boat Parade…and have been packed since they opened last week.


The outside deck packed with people…IMG_7996

So, the Palapa Bar & Grill – the business (#2) – has moved south to a new location and a new dock.

But What’s happening at the old location, the old building?

I stopped by January 1st when a friend sent me this photo.  Oh lawd…NO THEY DIDN’T!

aw lawd

Again…straight off the playground.  GOOD GRIEF.

One sign saying that the Palapa Bar & Grill has moved south.  The other saying the Original Bar is open.


No signs, no giant BAR signs on the top of the roof…and no…wait…something is very different….


The entire back deck has been removed.  I guess if you built it…it’s yours to take with you when you go.




And before…


old pic

There were some people up there…but the place needs a bit of work for sure.  I hear this will be going to court…over the name and I’m guessing other issues.

To the new owner of the original building?  There is much wisdom in this Palapa Bar sign – picture taken a few years ago.


Aalot to be said


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11 thoughts on “The Palapa Bar & Grill and the Original Palapa Bar & Grill? Now Both Are Open

    1. mysteryboy

      More fact that gossip me thinks ( given an empirical definition). Tell me, Scoop, what noted locals have made appearances at the old and unimproved PB?

  1. TarheelBornGal

    Still can’t get over the childishness of all this! I wish Scott and Jodie much success in their new location! No doubt all the regulars, and hopefully all the tourists, will follow them there.

  2. William Yarbrough

    Can’t wait to spend copious amounts of vacation cash at the new location for the REAL Palapa owners. Best of everything to Scott and Jodie.

  3. Susan

    Life is too short for all this drama, and what a shame, but it would make for a good soap opera…As the Bar Turns. Good luck Scott and Jodie…looking forward to seeing your new place…old place (and in keeping with school yard theme): suck it!

  4. Judy L

    Been to the old place SO many times. Looking forward to visiting Scott and Jodi at the new place and spending my money there. I will not give one penny to that jerk who stole that location. Instant karma’s gonna get you!!

  5. Dhone

    Did the entire staff (cooks, bartenders) go to #2? Hope the food is the same. We’re in SP but haven’t gone there, yet.

  6. Chip

    A childish butthead with more money than sense. Cant build his stupid highrise…cant run a bar…cant even paint a good sign! Just wants to throw his money around and make himself look even more stupid, because it did nothing but buy him an empty bar and and a lot full of sand. To bad I wont be going to the old place with my money this vacation. It once was a fun place for a reason! Pour me a drink Jodie and Scott! Here we come!!! Im sure the new place will be even better!

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