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Exploring Hopkins Village – Filled With Funky and Fascinating Spots and People

After a morning snorkel out to South Water Caye and the gorgeous barrier reef off of Hopkins, Belize, it was time to explore the village.  It’s a walk along the beach (about 15-20), a quicker bike ride and quickest of all?  Now they rent golfcarts at some of the resorts.  I grabbed a key from the front desk at Jaguar Reef Resort and…was off.


From SIttee RIver Point, where most of the resorts are located, down the road to the village.  Passing first a beautiful new gym…


Apparently some people had rented even cooler vehicles!


I passed a new Stand Up Paddle board spot.


I passed Jungle Jeanie’s…one of the funkier lodges in Belize.


I stopped into visit Barbara, who runs a business and lives in her super cool bus.  (Check out this post for lots of picture.)


A bit of the artwork for sale.


I walked out with two bottles of magical oils…I LOVE the moisturizing one.  They are both fantastic…and the green label helped me with the early morning sandflies.


Next down the road I stopped into the new Ella’s Cool Spot.  Ella worked in San Pedro for a few years, returned to Hopkins and now has opened her own business.  Love the name.  Very classic Belize.


Ella and her boyfriend.  The place looks great – open for lunch and dinner.


My next stop…I’ve always seen this sign but never visited. A mistake.  This shop and cafe and OWNER are awesome.

IMG_8537 IMG_8540

Krishna has a herbal garden and everything is labeled.

IMG_8542 IMG_8539

Menu in the cafe.


And teas for sale in the shop.  Piss-A-Bed.  Good stuff.


And lots of other pretty stuff.


I had some green juice.  Chaya, ginger, honey and tree of life.  SO GOOD.  And some ginger tea for my sore throat.


And here’s Krishna…if you want to talk politics – Belizean or worldwide – this guy KNOWS his stuff.  Really REALLY cool guy to chat with.  And keeping the art of medicinal healing alive in his village.




Time to head out to the Swinging Armadillo.  Ted, a Hopkinsite, bought the old building and rejuvenated the business.  It’s SUCH a cool spot.


You can see it at the end of the way…right over the water.IMG_8553

Right over the water…and hopping on Thursday nights when they have live Garifuna drumming starting at 7pm.  Hopping all weekend too…it’s THE spot.


And sitting right next to the building.  As if posing for a picture.

I gave about 6 school boys a ride from one end of the village to the other…and then realized I was being…tricked.  OUT!  I headed back “home”.


Thanks Hopkins…I’ll be back soon.  I had a fantastic time.

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  1. SPmQQse

    have you looked for vern’s kitchen….? [seine bight]
    if you find it…[west side of the road]…say HI from the ” moose ”.
    luv dat gal

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