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50 Shades of Grey in Belize

Sure I just attempted to lure you in with a cheap sex hook.  But let’s all be honest about that book – I can’t comment on the movie…yet – creepy sadism and the older guy + teenaged girl thing just ain’t sexy.

And it seems like the movie critics agree.  There are some hilarious reviews out there – “the movie is about as sexy as a root canal” and the movie is “domestic violence dressed up as erotica”.  (Here are some more of the best worst reviews.)  Ha.

Ready for my segue to Belize?

What IS sexy, and I noticed it yesterday afternoon while taking this picture, is a grey sky in Belize.  50 shades?  100 shades?  Who cares…


As it says in that seriously crappy book – Belize makes “my very small inner goddess sway in a gentle victorious samba”.


Here are some of the many beautiful shades of Belize gray.

At Tranquility Bay Resort.


Swimming with nurse sharks at Hol Chan Marine Reserve.


Bubba the resident Wish Willy at Barrel Bar in San Pedro.

iguanaA storm cloud coming when sailing on the Rum Punch 2.


The harpy eagle, the world’s largest raptor, at the Belize Zoo.



The dock at Maya Beach Bistro and Hotel in Maya Beach, Belize.IMG_0763

A rescued baby manatee at WildTracks in Sarteneja.


I’m shameless.  I know.  Slogans wanted!  Belize:  We are WAY more sexy than a root canal.  Belize:  Making seaweed look sexy.

And please…if the critics are wrong about this movie, please let me know!

Ok, ok…I can give you a little something.



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5 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey in Belize

    1. Belize Blog

      They are closed to the public since the monkeys and the manatees are so susceptible to disease and all are meant to be released to the wild…

  1. Michelle Kosin Jesus

    Cannot give you a review of the movie because I refuse to see it. I am still angry about the money & more importantly the time I wasted reading the books. At least I was poolside when I read them so the entire time didn’t go to waste. I am guessing by the lack of comments on my Facebook account from all the people that were excited about seeing it that it was terrible. As for slogans for Belize, I promise to spend some time thinking about it when I am there.

  2. Susan Watts

    I loved the books, they were fun and fantasy and if you were looking for something deep and meaningful then these were NOT the books for you. They were campy and naughty and a fun read for me, but then I don’t take this literary stuff too seriously and I am looking forward to the critically slammed movie for the shear fun of it!

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