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A Christmas-y Morning in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

I am home at last!  My journey back from Providence, Rhode Island took me to Dulles Airport, Washington, DC to Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen for a night’s stay and then finally back home to San Pedro.  More about that trip (at least the Mexico part) later.But I do love an international airport that decorates its tower with Corona.  Perfect welcome to Cancun.

About one hour south, I woke up early yesterday to hit Walmart in Playa del Carmen.  On the way over, I saw quite a few businesses decorating for the upcoming holidays.

Starbuck’s Mexico has some different choices than the US ones.  What’s a backed apple?

And lots of these…not sure what it is…

Just the hint of fruit cake (those icky green fruit pieces) had me looking at other items…

A giant tree and manger scene had been erected in the “town square”.

My very favorite part?  The poinsettia planted all around the park.  One of the coolest parts of Christmas in the tropics…

Hundreds and hundreds of flowers planted.  How beautiful is that?

And to Walmart.  I love that the majority of the ornaments are not your standard green or gold…

Brown?  Orange?  Purple?  Love it.

9 pesos?  CHEAP!

Santa…let me present you with my heart’s fondest food wish.  Hass avocados in San Pedro year round.  Can you work on it?

Less than $2 USD FOR A KILOGRAM.  Sigh….

Well, that’s it.  Oh wait…one last picture.  Does anyone know what this mystery fruit is?  Without looking it up?

According to Wikipedia, it is used during the holidays in Mexico.  Interesting…

The weather is gorge, gorge, gorgeous.  Time to get my lily white skin into some sun.

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3 thoughts on “A Christmas-y Morning in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

  1. Omaha Dave

    Hi Rebecca,
    Welcome back !
    Backed apples s/b baked – probably.
    My wife,I and a bunch of friends are coming to San Pedro starting Dec. 29th – us for 1 week, others for 2.
    We are coming for the grand opening of the Sands Villas at the Belize Yacht Club held on Jan. 1st.
    Maybe you can contact Sergio and get an invite to scoop the christening !

  2. Me

    Ummmm…Sergio? I’ll need to think about that. I lived at the BYC for a few years when I first arrived. Baked/backed! I never made the connection.

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