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Monday Night…Blues at Average Joe’s (AJ’s) Bar

Last night we stopped by AJ’s Bar for a few beers and to check out All Cayed Up, a local blues band.  Who doesn’t like live music?

The band has five members including Tull, Keith Newton and Barefoot Skinny.  They are all very talented musicians on their own…together they are amazing.  If you like the blues, you will love these guys.

AJ’s is very Canada friendly and has a hook-up to all NHL channels.

And a slushy machine…I tried the lemonade with gin.  Quite tasty.  Kids totally dig it as well.  Gin-free of course.

Everyone was having a great time.
If you squint slightly, this is a great picture of the bartender Kevin and my friends Dani and Cesar.

Kevin allowed us to model his snazzy new rings…specially crafted to open Belikin bottles two at a time.

You can also check out the world’s tallest bar stools…these things can get quite dangerous after a few drinks.

Average Joe’s is about half a mile south of town (next to the gas station) and is open every day but Tuesday.

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6 thoughts on “Monday Night…Blues at Average Joe’s (AJ’s) Bar

  1. Hippo

    I really like this blog. Not only because it is about the only really pithy blog I have found about Belize, a country for which I haave fond memories, but also because of its entertaining and sometimes irreverent style.

    I have got to get some of those beer bottle opening rings for my bar. Not only would they be harder to steal than the usual kind, I am sure I could sell loads as they would be a ‘must have’ for every wannabe cool dude here in Angola.

  2. Hippo

    By the way, I used to do a stunt in the bars of Belize, any bar that had suitable bar stools and a high enogh ceiling where I would stand on the footrests on the first bars stool, place the next on top so that the footrests of the second rested on the seat of the first and so on until I reached the ceiling. Thank goodness the floors were usually made of wood because at least that allowed me to bounce if I cocked it up…

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