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Staying at home for 4 days is incredibly tedious.  5 hour marathons of Judge Judy or the Jersey Shore, re-reading old books, laying in bed coughing and sweating when the weather is beautiful outside?  Ugh.  The good news for me and my bronchitis is that my cough is drying up and I am sleeping and feeling a bit better.  I think by tomorrow I’ll be back to blogging.  I’d better be…I feel like a sickly inmate.  All I need is Nurse Ratched.

By the way, thanks for asking!

Not to mention, I probably have to cancel my trip to Roatan this Saturday.  7+ hours on three different boats plus a bus ride?  We will see.

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4 thoughts on “ Checking In

  1. Cara in RI

    Feel better soon Rebecca!! Not only is it tough being sick for so long, it is tough missing out on reading your blogs each day…selfish chick that I am! :o)

  2. sweet jan

    Get better soon. BTW, the natives are getting restless over at ACMB. Something about needing their “daily fix” of SanPedroScoop…cheers.

  3. Dave

    I caught one of the worst flu bugs of my life over Christmas in Corozal. Took almost a month to be completely over it. Thank goodness as I have a flight to catch to Belize on Sunday..snow and cold, just isn’t my thing. I’d rather have the flu in Belize than not have it and be stuck in Toronto.

    Get well soon, your blog as become my favorite Belize blog. Thanks for sharing with us.

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