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Can You Go Full Throttle in Belize?

A new beverage has hit San Pedro with a Blue Fury – Coca Cola’s Full Throttle Energy drink.  Bottled in Belize City by Bowen & Bowen in a strange opaque black bottle, it has all the components of a standard energy drink.  Lots of sugar, caffeine and taurine. (Did you know taurine is an organic acid and a major component in bile?  Don’t let that turn you off.)

Other energy drinks have been very popular on the island for a few years now, but both Red Bull and Monster drinks are super expensive…anywhere from $6 at the stores to $10 at a bar.  (Remember the cute little Red Bull van they used to have out here?)  So here comes BLUE FURY! with a pretty hilarious marketing campaign.

Seems as though this product is aimed at teenage boys.  Love it.  “Street Legal.  Barely”.   Grrrrrrr!

I drank one yesterday but didn’t necessarily feel like I let my inner man out.  Very little about an aqua blue, super sweet drink says manly to me.

The actual drink is uber blue.  Bluer than the pool.  I wonder why it has that off-putting opaque bottle.  Seems like the color is something that you’d want to show off.   It’s intriguingly tropical.  I poured myself a nice tall tumbler of it and…

drank a few sips.  It is SWEET!  I mean really sweet.  Almost like Mountain Dew with that slightly bitter/tart energy drink after taste.  Not bad, but not my thing.

I have noticed it lining up at local bars…let’s see what interesting mixed drinks they can come up with.  I was not man enough to order a Blue Throttle and Rum but maybe that is the island’s next big craze.  Let’s call that drink an “Island Fury”…order it next time you are out and let me know.


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3 thoughts on “Can You Go Full Throttle in Belize?

  1. Emily

    I think I’ll have to pass on this stuff and keep my “inner man” locked up inside. It does look pretty in that last picture, but sounds too sweet for me. Thanks for the scoop!

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