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Christmas Eve in San Pedro: BC’s Bar, Bloody Marys & Bacon with Chocolate

Yesterday Christmas eve was celebrated San Pedro style…low key, first at BC’s Bar and then at a festive holiday party.  Here’s a bit of the party…but let’s first back up to the morning.
I went over to BC’s Beach Bar in the early afternoon to have some drinks with friends.
The bar had a pretty good crowd there for drinking and Carlos’ tasty BBQ.  (Usually done on Sundays but due to the holidays it will be Saturday next week, Dec 31st as well.)
We had the ribs…the meat falls right off the bones.
Even the little elves were partaking.
Did I tell you that I will be bartending at BC’s on January 1st?  Make sure to pop in for a (easy to prepare) drink.
I jogged over to the air strip to pick up my arriving friend, Jamie.  Tropic Air was all decked out.  The decorations look really beautiful.
We went home to get ready for the beautiful Christmas party at Dixie Bowen’s house.  It’s an annual event with so much great food and beautiful decorations.
People went nuts for the chocolate fountain.  The favorite dipping item?  Bacon.  Pieces of actual fried slab bacon.  Look at the table…it looks like it was ravaged by a hungry pack of beach dogs.
And then Santa rode in on his magic golf cart.  I apologize in advance…I tried some new “low light, night settings” for my camera.   They didn’t work so great…
And then read “The Night Before Christmas” to the kids who were in a trance.
And so were the parents.
After the story, Santa read out each name and gave each child a gift.
Good times.  I hope each and everyone of you have a great holiday.  Enjoy.

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