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Wednesday Night in San Pedro: Construction, Tapas and A Flash Mob At The Police Department?

Since I have been trying to diet for the past 5 days and was headed to Tapas heaven at Red Ginger Restaurant in town, I decided to walk.  As soon as I hit the beach, I spotted a rainbow.  A good start.

It has been rainy or overcast for the past four days and last night the clouds were still heavy but things were starting to get better.
There is quite a bit of constuction going on in and around town.  Coconuts Hotel is doing a total overhaul, the whole courtyard, bar and pool are getting work.  Great location but this hotel definitely needed a new look.  Let’s hope for good things.

Fido’s entire floor has been removed and is now out on the beach.  They are closed until October 24.  Other businesses that I noticed are closed right now for the slow season/renovation:  Victoria House (reopening October 21), Wild Mango’s (opening mid-October) and Elvi’s Kitchen.  (Someone needs to give me a lesson in low light photography or a good camera suggestion…I stink at it).

After dawdling along for about 40 minutes, chatting with people and taking pictures (not exactly the power walk I had planned), I made it to the Phoenix/Red Ginger Restaurant.   Wednesday evening from 6-9pm, these guys do tapas and have live music with Cuban artist, Maikel Garcia.  He moved from Cuba (where he attended university to become a music teacher) to San Pedro about four years ago to look for better work oppurtunities.  He now performs at restaurants, hotels and special events around town and Belize, teaches quite a few people in town piano, saxophone or guitar (both electric and classical) and is working on an album of original songs.  What doesn’t this guy do?  He plays a nice mix of music…kinda Caribbean, jazz, easy listening Latin.   Perfect eating music.

Now let’s talk about the food.  GOOD GRIEF!  It’s ridiculously good (and that is just not a desperate 5-day dieter talking).  The Tapas menu is extensive and we tasted quite a bit of it.  Caprese on plaintain Tostones (get these), Goat Cheese and Kalamata Olive Tapanade Crostinis, Spinach, Olive and Pinenut Pizzas.  Oh my.  You can check out the full menu for yourself at
Try the Baked Lobster Dip from the main menu too.  It’s cheesy, thick, rich, gooey, warm and packed with lobster.  Mmmm….My advice is to get as much of this stuff in you as possible before lobster season ends on February 15th. 
The staff at Red Ginger was great.  I will be attending this event much more often.   The bartender.
Carol was hitting the Courvoisier again.
As I was leaving Red Ginger, I ran into a mob in front of the police department.  Interesting….  There were at least 50 guys packed into the doorway.  Time for the serious investigative reporting that you read SanPedroScoop for.  
Here is what I gathered.  All of these men had been hired to do some construction work across the street from Reef Village (but not by Reef Village) by someone named Mike.  He hadn’t paid them anything close to what they had been promised.  The police department was on the phone talking with this deadbeat employer. 
The police announced the terms they had negotiated and everyone left looking happy (actually they looked sweaty, dirty and glad to be leaving).
Tee hee.  How’s that for hard-hitting reporting?
Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom of the screen for an always UP TO DATE events calendar in San Pedro.

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Night in San Pedro: Construction, Tapas and A Flash Mob At The Police Department?

  1. AJ. Baxter

    Camera tip: During your evening strolls with the camera, change the ISO setting off automatic to 800. This should give you better exposure at night. Don’t forget to change it back to auto before bed.


  2. Me

    THANK YOU! I am going to test it out tonight. Maybe I should have read that pesky manual 5 years ago before I threw it out.

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